We want to help shape your idea, into foreverness. 


As wellness providers ourselves, we know first hand when a professional realizes the time to break-off on their own – and how incredibly difficulut it can be with out a sherpa who has been through the fire themselves. That is where hope to help.


More than a spa, we double as a “well-preneur” incubator for wellness providers: We are an idea curator, brand developer, media maker, sales sherpa, & foreverness mapping studio. We specialize in wellness entrepreneurship (from service, retail, product, tech, to IC, and everything in between), but welcome ideas from all industries who are looking to break-out on their own, but are not quite sure where to start. What is your dream?


We are hyper focused on the ideation-to-seed phase for small & medium business of all size, including individuals & independent contractors. We demand only working only with people whom can enter with an empty-cup mindset, have a great idea rooted in giving back, and a burn-the-boats work ethic.


Our integrated process is fun, and based on a discovery style. We bring clarity to idea curation, build founder mindset, uncover white space & unfair advantages against personas. We then deploy that clarity into a visual and brand system tied to foreverness, while activating it into a media tool kit that can scale with your business.  From here, we enable sales readiness and practice pitching (we call it gunslinging), ending with a “Gunslinging Pitch Day”.


The end result is a jump-off point to win in the market and transverse the “valley of death” with ease.


Everything we build will be designed for the idea or seed phase. Meaning media tools, tactics, and strategy will be set-up for the DIY founder to manage when funding or support is acute.

How To Engage With Us

In order to provide in-depth amazing quality – we can only engage with 5 builds at a time. Make sure to connect with us soon if interested!


    • Remote or Onsite: With this option, any entrepreneur can start their build with us at any time, and at any place. We can work remotely or onsite with you on a preferred cadence, or if you are in Denver, we can host class formats on site. We demand a beginners-mind, and full mental immersion in order to make the most of the program.


    • Koa House Fellowship:  This is a super unique opportunity that allows wellness professionals in the spa, gym, or training sector to work at Koa House directly and in tandem build their business, while making money. With this option, entrepreneurs run through our shape & design program in house – all while retaining their personal revenue stream in by providing their services under our spa & gym’s roof on rental + value add model. These are extremely limited spots and are longer term engagements. If interested, please contact us to be placed. 





We offer (3) levels of investment on a full payment, or retainer model:



  1. Lite Path: Perfect for independent contractors, small business, single-shops, or those whom need enterprise value on a start-up budget.
  2. Full Path: Ideal for those aiming for larger scale business, enterprise, or funding. Also great for businesses already running, but need to revisit fundamentals.
  3. Stir Fry: Each step or deliverable on our (5) step path can be experienced individually. If you are needing just (1) part of our greater path, this is a great option for you.


Brent Kekoa Ramos


Brent, KH founder leads the shape and design side of Koa House, and is a lifelong entrepreneur and media pro. Working from Silicon Valley start-ups, ad tech firms, agencies, and supporting large-scale efforts at firms like Google, to advising global brands. This paved a way into thought leadership, authorship, and an industry sherpa voice on all things media.


Prior to success in media and ad tech, he started a small martial arts class in a San Francisco park. This group would grow into a professional brick-and-mortar school called 108, located in Chinatown, San Francisco from 2009-2017. The unhitched brand fused Kung Fu and Punk Rock together, resulting into a sold-out martial arts studio until its closure in 2017. From here, he expanded the vision into the worlds first “martial spa”, opening Koa House in Denver, 2020. Koa House exists as a spa brand alone, but also doubles as an incubator and design studio for all wellness entrepreneurs (well-preneurs) looking to refine their craft, and build a dream under the guidance of a sherpa.

“Many Hands, Make Light Work”


Our team expands to co-founder, Barbara, who is also our managing spa director on-site handling all operations for the KH Spa & Gym. On the design end Barbara will help wrangle the coordination of all the moving parts in your build making it a seamless delivery on the client end. We also will bring in strategic partnerships with consultancies like Project: Ad Ops for technical builds and consulting, and Metier Consultancy, a creative and brand agency to help bring your vision to life in the  brand phase with all things logo, concepts, icons, typography, website, and ongoing media management.


Although we have space on-site here in Denver, we can engage on a digital cadence from wherever you may reside.

Brent Kekoa Ramos

Barbara M.J. Ramos

Metier Consultancy Partnership

Project: Ad Ops Partnership

“Transversing the Valley Of Death”

-That dangerous territory between innovations emergence from the lab, and into the marketplace when support is at it’s most acute. 

This. Is where we thrive. 

50% of wellness professionals (and entrepreneurs in general) leave the industry in year 1 post-graduation. 30%  more will fail, or leave within the next 4 years.


This is a staggering statistic that we know all too well, and is something we aim to change. Although people are masters of their craft – they are usually dismal when it comes to turning that idea or craft into a tangible business that makes revenue or long lasting happiness. Current educational programs do not articulate anything in their curriculum that will prepare someone for activation in this phase, which is the leading cause of burn out and business failure.


We find that the initial phase of ideation-to-seed, is the most important marker of success. If these fundamentals are not in place, then you will be too in the flames down the line, to ever go back and address it.


Our 5 Step Process:


  • Forever mapping & Energy ROI — This is where we uncover and map your personal insight to a dream and eventual exit. This personal inflection will inform brand and business design that will feed your foreverness and the quickest way to get there. This is also where we train founder mindset, and provide daily founder tactics to make you the strongest founder possible as clarity emerges.


  • Unwavering Strategy & Fluid Tactics — In this phase we take mapping from stage 1, and determine white space, market fit, product economics, and unfair advantages against target personas that we develop and build against – all with an eye to the 7 fundamentals of business. This is a crucial step to finding success and turning an idea, into a brand with revenue.


  • Imaginative Design & Precision Activation — From phase 1 & 2, you build your creative and visual identity. This is the fun part!


    • Brand Soul: During the creative building process  – you have the opportunity to design your logo concepts and system, icons, type hierarchy, placement applications, website or landing page, and a connection for ongoing media management.


    • Performance Media Tool Kit: In tandem, we will also be setting up your media tool stack. On-site analytics, tagging, deploying basic campaign structures across performance and social channels, and developing a visualizer dashboard to keep your insights and performance all straight, that can be held on your phone at a glance.


  • Gunslinging & Decision Forcing — As your identity is created, we develop semantics, language, and live pitching to win business conversations and introduce or protect your brand in sales and conversational engagements, which also may just be interviews and media. We also curate your mission, and elevator statements for an airtight way to talk about your brand or product in any given scenario, at anytime, with anyone.


    • Gunslinging Night: We also will host an open community night for you to showcase your brand and pitch alongside your counterparts: “Gunslinging Night”. You can think of this kind of like “Shark Tank” — But casual, and way more cool — with drinks.


  • Training Wheels & The 80/20 Hand Off — Finally, we do a foreverness check, provide basic training on the media tools, documentation, and handoff  everything off with a fun gift! If you are looking for media management – we will make an introduction to our partners to take it from there.

5 Step Shape & Design Process


Deliverables with Value.



We aim to deliver value for immediate activation, and long term brand soul. Past immediate benefit, value will continue to live on as a blueprint for a brand, media, and sales bible as you scale with bringing on vendors or employees down the line, or as a heavy hitting asset to show and win investor confidence if you are seeking funding and expansion




Founder Training & Thought Leadership Blue Prints



Everything starts with crystal clear clarity on what you want personally, where you want to play,  how you can get there, and what you will do to achieve it. These deliverables inform brand and media design – while also serving as blueprints to to build teams, culture, or influence investor confidence if you are seeking funding.



  • Foreverness Mapping + White Space, Unfair Advantages & Founder/Market Fit Curation to your targeted personas.


  • Founder Mindset Training


  • Mission Statement & Elevator Pitch Curation


  • Gun Slinging Sales Blue Print

Brand Identity & Strategy



Whether you are creating brand totally new from the lab, or looking for a secondary concept and total refresh with a super charge – your brand soul is the ultimate crucial component that powers everything else. Tactical deliverables from this stage will look like:




  • Logo system, logo marks, art work, & print/digital files


  • Typography & Type Hierarchy


  • Brand colors, HEX, Pantone, etc.


  • Brand Strategy, Style Applications + Copy and Semantics


  • Revision rounds and general strategy.




We implement everything within media tools to make branding work for you by launching products that lead conversions along your digital path, and storytelling narrative to end in business lift. The full suite of tools are built for the acute support state, and designed for scale if passed to an agency or IC for management post-build.



  • Best Practice Implementation of Google Search, Google Display & YouTube (tactics are fluid). Best Practice Facebook & Instagram Implementation


  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Install & Conversion Tagging. Implementation of Google Analytics. DataStudio -Unified Dash Boarding & Visualizer Suite


  • Builds & Deployment of Singular Campaign Structures (brand, non-brand, evergreen, and shopping (ecomm)


  • Documentation For Scale Post Build Keyword/Comp list, Media Dictionary




Talk, the talk. Knowing how to sell, and pitch your business is crucial. We have battle-hardened, and proved qualitative method to take your gunslinging from zero-to-hero. We also provide an opportunity practice on a live-stage to open community with our version of “shark tank” — only way more casual, fun, and actually cool.



  • Gunslinging methodology and pitch practice


  • Elevator pitch curation


  • Mission statement curation


  • Hosted introduction and practice to the community: “Gunslingers Night”