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Here at Koa House, we laser-focus on tailoring classes in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, & Yoga to empower, and build healthy community. We are not a “fight” gym, yet our training methods & facility come from top-tier experience. We focus training designed for everyone: those who simply want to be fit, strong, and train like a fighter — but are not necessarily looking to jump into the octagon this weekend. The result is real technique past what a chain gym will offer, yet shaped into an amazingly fun atmosphere.  Sound like a good fit? Checkout our class options below!


We specialize in striking & stand-up arts: Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing (influenced mostly from our time spent at CSA Gym), alongside a full suite of traditional arts like our own in house system of Kung Fu & Tai Chi, brought from the award winning school in Chinatown, SF. We also offer Yoga and our unique isometric conditioning session, Yin/Yang Stretching and Conditioning to supplement. Enjoy plenty of Open-Mat time for those solo workouts as well.



  • Kickboxing | Muay Thai

  • Intensity Level: Mid-High


    Learn kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and clinch – the art of 8 limbs in a fun and dynamic way. Our structure is heavily influenced from the CSA Gym system since that is where we started our journey – and is primarily a blend of traditional Muay Thai, with touches of Dutch kickboxing drills. We also add in unique training  from our school 108, back in Chinatown – all folded within a program that develops precision technique, speed, cardio, and power while getting in the best shape of your life. We will ensure you learn proper striking technique and actual drills, rather than “just doing cardio”.


    • Bag & Power-Cardio Class: You will burn thousands of calories, increase cardio, and get super fit in this group class for all levels. We begin as a group, and will warm-up with calisthenics, jump rope, shadow-boxing, and stretching together. You will then be paired with a 6ft. Thai style heavy bag, in which you will go over technique & combinations with max technique, speed, and power at a pushed pace. Corrections will be given as we go, and you will have a blast – Gloves required.


    • Pad & Skills Class: A more technical class to shred calories, and get in the best shape of your life. We will start as a group with calisthenics & stretching, and then partner-up with Thai pads and work on precision technique, timing, footwork, call-and-response, entry/exits, clinch, sweeps, and general skill sets that a bag alone cannot offer – Gloves required.


    Advanced & sparring by invite only.

  • Tai Chi & Internal Training

  • Meditation in motion.

    Intensity: Low


    Tai Chi (taiji) is a softer, flowing art, which makes it an incredibly accessible art for any background, fitness level, or those looking to rehabilitate and simply move in a softer way. The attributes gained from this practice are deep, and tend to transcend all aspects of your life. Tai Chi is one our most high-level arts offered, and also one of our personal favorites.


    Practice can be calibrated by the individual for intensity – whether you just want to flow, breathe, and gently step through the form, or if you want the real thing, most people cannot even make it through the first 3 postures without having to sit (or collapse) down. At the highest levels we uncover internal energetics as noted from the classics. Regardless of your path – Tai Chi can be practiced at multiple entry points.


    Within this class we will drill 1 section every week on a rotating curriculum, and provide specific solo & auxiliary drills layered within each posture. Class will start with group led breathing & stretching, and we will step through the form and drills together. Corrections and higher-level items will be exposed as you advance, slowly peeling layers of more intensity to the learner. Advanced students will be introduced to Tai Chi ‘push-hands‘ (a martial game and diagnostic test), and we will also introduce more advanced internal arts like Hebei style Xing Yi, Bagua Zhang, and more training protocols. 


    Style: We train Zheng Man Qing 37 Tai Chi, as taught by the late Master(s) Zheng Man Qing, Benjamin Lo & senior student, author, and teacher Scott Meredith.


    Tai Chi Push hands by invite only.

  • Yin/Yang Stretching & Flow

  • Martial Yoga

    Stretch, strengthen, breathe & condition in this perfect mid-tempo balance of soft isometrics vs. dynamic power build session.

    Intensity: Medium


    This class offers a mid-tempo bodyweight and isometric flow session of the best hand-picked exercises from Chinese Yoga (Yijinjing, Yue Fei, Hua To), Qi Gong (breathing & stretching methods),  Vinyassa Flow Yoga, and  Shastarvidya. Each session will develop isometric strength, get you sweating, and increase flexibility levels while monitoring breath work.

    No further equipment necessary. 

  • Open Mat | KH Conditioning

  • Just want some solo time to drill those forms we taught? Stretch? Get some pointers? Shred through a hard-core conditioning set, Punch a bag in between meetings? Use these open mat hours to come and do your thang!

    Need set’s to challenge you? Try our Fighter Conditioning, or Traditional Training circuits to give you a challenge – we will have them posted in the gym to keep you busy, and a space for functional fitness equipment as well.


    Note: Open Mat at Koa House is for current members only.