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Welcome to Koa House, where we provide full access and world-class instruction to the martial art of Tai Chi (Taiji Quan). Our Tai Chi methods come from a lineage of the great master, Zheng Man Qing. From this spark, we thread to one of his most respected, and senior disciples, master Benjamin Lo (Lo Peng Jeng), who moved to the states following his teacher in 1947, and eventually found himself teaching within the San Francisco, Bay Area until 2018. Benjamin Lo taught many, but only produced a handful of senior instructors, in which we train with Scott Meredith today. Our internal martial arts program resides within our larger Kung Fu program hailing from Chinatown, San Francisco where we taught professionally for 8 years widely known as 108 Kung Fu.



Our presentation of Tai Chi form is unfiltered or augmented in any way from the 37 postures as originally taught via Benjamin Lo & Zheng Man Qing. We supplement form practice with internal drills, weapons, and micro practices dedicated to each individual posture, principle, step, or transition that will take the practice deeper then you can possibly imagine — Truly uncovering a lifetime of pursuit on the deepest levels. Tai Chi is considered an internal art, and we use this lens strictly as written by the masters of old, from the classics, without augmentation. Meaning, there is no room for theatrics or mix of external filler to be found in our internal practice.



Past form and drills, advanced students are also introduced to Tai Chi Push Hands (tuisho). Push hands is a partner based drill to uncover, and practice the 5 principals being taught within form and drill in real time & under pressure. We train fixed-step, ‘kuzushi’ style push hands to hyper-focus on root, relaxation, yield, sensitivity, upright, relaxation, substantial vs. unsubstantial, principles, and the understanding of all martial jing’s or energetics as they manifest, within Taiji Quan.


Past Tai Chi, we do offer instruction for the other internal arts as well:  Hebei Xing Yi Quan,  characterized by its direct straight-forward movement, we focus on the original five fists (elements) and 12 animals. We supplement form practice with micro drills at every step, posture, and principle – and much like Tai Chi, this can translate into a lifetime of practice and continuous pursuit alone.


We also offer Jiang Rong Qiao Bagua Quan. Bagua is our 3rd internal art, and is yet another lens to study the pursuit of what all 3 arts here are ultimately pursuing. Bagua is widely characterized by circle-walking, and like the others listed above – we will supplement form training deeply with internal drills at every step, making it an incredibly deep practice much like the others.


Ultimately, all three arts are training the same experience under a different lens. We focus on Tai Chi as the entry point into training internal martial arts, due to its depth and ease of practice for all backgrounds of practitioners. However, we will meet you on the path – no matter where your background, experience, or interest may reside!


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