The Spa




Are you a chain?

Nope, we are a boutique experience that is family run and lineage based. Currently based in Colorado. Our lomi lineage hails mostly from Maui, but our ohana resides on the Big Island.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer 100% Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage services (we do not know any other kind of modality at all, and do not blend styles). When available, we do have staff available for beauty and/or esthetician work. Our massage services range from a relaxing signature massage, sports & stretching, hapai (pre/post natal), and Hawaiian back walking which is geared more for deeper and chiropractic work. Every service will incorporate the use of warm stones, warm towels, our custom lotions, and Hawaiian chants to open. We also have an array of enhancements to choose from.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes! However, we are often sold out. Feel free to email us to see if there are currently any open membership spots. Otherwise, we are booking walk-in appointments generally 3-4 weeks out.

Why so long for walk-in booking?

Because it is a unique modality to find on the mainland, and even more unique to staff. We are often selling out quickly, so make sure to book soon and often!

Do you offer Lomi Lomi Training?

Yes! However, we do not offer professional therapist C.E hours. Our focus on Lomi Lomi training is for everyone (the non-therapist) to be of service for family and friends — it is more fun this way. Our workshops tend to be broken into smaller sessions with a focus on technique or results that anyone can bring into their world. If you are a hobbyist, healer, someone looking to be of service, or simply interested in learning Hawaiian healing methods – this is for you.  If you are a professional therapist looking for C.E hours and another modality on the resume, feel fee to reach out to us and we can direct you to our teachers who will offer this. Make sure to watch our events page for upcoming workshops!

Is Lomi Lomi good for [insert any health problem here]?

Yes. And, we will always customize to the individual needs or focus areas. If you have acute medical issues, specific injuries, or recent surgeries – let us know before booking. If it is severe, we may require a doctors release before treatment.

What ages do you provide services for?

You must be 18 years of age or older to book a service. Under very special circumstances (please inquire ahead), we will treat clients under 18 with a parent or legal guardian within the room for the duration of the service.



Sunscreens & Lotions



Take Warning Sunscreen Drug Facts Panel & Ingredients (Coconut Vanilla)

Four Ingredients: 

  • 25% Non Nano Zinc Oxide
  • Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Certified Organic Vanilla Extract
  • Certified Organic Beeswax

Coconut Vanilla Sunscreen Stick

Take Warning Sunscreen Drug Facts Panel & Ingredients (Cocoa Mocha)

Four Ingredients: 

  • 25% Non Nano Zinc Oxide
  • Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Certified Organic Cocoa Powder
  • Certified Organic Beeswax

Cocoa Mocha Sunscreen Stick

Is this sunscreen better for sports/activity - or can I wear it under makeup, etc.

It is a thick paste like sports stick, so it is best for the face and doing active stuff. It is fantastic for kids. If you are looking for a very light, going to work or the mall, under make-up type of thing, this will be way too thick. If you are at your favorite surf spot, skate spot, skiing, snowboarding, festival, beer garden, at the beach, pool and other active scenarios that require a thicker layer for the face especially – this is more for you.

How much should I use & how should I apply?

A little goes along way! Start small and apply. Then, see if you need more before slathering it on. For the face, we recommend “dabbing” rather than “smearing”. Dab some dots, rub in, and go from there. Apply generously, re-apply as needed, after swimming, showers, towel drying or at least every 2 hours.

Are Your Products Safe For Kids?

Absolutely. In fact this is a best choice for kids & babies. There are only 4 main, certified organic and natural ingredients that are incredibly safe for kids (see below). Non-Nano Zinc Oxide is a natural and safe mineral, and the only active sunscreen ingredient safe for babies under the age of 6 months.

Are Your Products Water Resistant?

Yes. FDA compliant to “very water resistant” tests demanding that 80% of marketed SPF performs after 80 minutes of water exposure. As always, make sure to re-apply as necessary, or every 2 hours.

Do Your Screens Leave a white caste?

White cast? Probably a little, all mineral sunscreens will have this at least slightly. Take a few passes on applying, and it may rub in clear on most skin types surprisingly. But we are not going to tell you that it will be totally invisible on everyone like others on the market. Mineral ‘screens are a layer on top of the skin. If they get to totally “invisible” levels, there is a chance of micron sizes getting mixed in that go beyond nano territory (not good for the ocean). Or, petroleum oils, petrochemicals and titanium dioxide may be getting in the mix. Or, you may just be being sold. If there is a slight cast, own it. It just means you are part of the anti poser club.

Can I use this screen if I have sensitive skin? Are mineral screens right for me?

Yes. There are 4 main, natural and organic ingredients that should not interact harshly with most skin types. However, because it is a thicker consistency, it may be heavier on pores than a lighter lotion would yield. We cannot guarantee all situations or skin types, so if you have chronic eczema or very sensitive skin, please test with a small amount before fully applying.


All skin types are different, please use best judgement. There are a host of other mineral and chemical screens on the market, all of which should be acknowledged for your specific needs.

What is Anti Poser Sunscreen?

Itʻs just just funny when you attach a fashion statement to sunscreen! But for real,  We attach the word poser to reflect in-authenticity of sunscreen choices. If you are wearing petrochemical laden, reef-harming, or skin destroying choices while at your favorite spot, spraying it on your kids, your sunscreen statement may indeed make you look like a poser within that. Also, after running out of room on our labels to list all of the benefits and information – we decided to just wrap it all up and refer to it as “anti-poser”.

Chemical Sunscreen Rundown

Frankin-screens trade UV damage for toxicity:

  • Petrochemical sunscreens (such as oxybenzone, avobenxone, octisalate, etc.) penetrate the skin, resulting in bioaccumulation and systemic exposure in the body via a blood and deposits doing damage over time.


  • Many fail to biodegrade, can accumulate in the water supply and ocean sediments, damaging fish & coral, information that has been studied and known for years.


  • Banned: You will find when you travel to Hawaii, and other tropical places that most  have banned petrochemical sunscreens. Other states like Florida, the Keys, and more are following suit. Our screens are reef safe and contain no banned chemicals. Make sure if you are traveling on vacation, to plan ahead for this law and ensure you grab some of our screens.


  • Have you ever sprayed screen on yourself and broke out coughing as if you just inhaled hair spray? Has it ever kind of stung on your skin? Flammable?Probably not good – it is like giving yourself a chemical burn.
Can it stain fabric or clothing?

Yes. Cocoa Mocha (Tinted) has real organic Cocoa within it – so this could potentially stain clothing, especially light colored materials. We recommend to be careful on this one, do not let the kids go wild with it and finger paint the house. Our standard white based stick is zinc based with beeswax – so it may stain darker material. If necessary – spot clean with stain remover on any fabrics asap, or before washing and you should be good to go if it is not too set.


Important screen hack: When used on the face/neck area, it is pretty easy to not get wild with it and have it get onto your clothing. However, if you are using it on the body – this is where we see people get zealous and sloppy. We recommend to NOT put on your shirt, shorts, or wrap a towel after applying it fresh on the body because it will undoubtedly rub on to the fabric (even we still fall into this trap). If applying fresh on the body, do so at your spot and jump right into the surf or whatever it is you are doing without trying to put on clothing again. Or, Wear an SPF rash guard for the body.

Does it melt or freeze?

Melt or Freeze? Unlike franken-screens, natural ingredients can melt. Keep it out of direct, hot sunlight for long periods (like sitting in your car dash on a 100 temp day) and you will be fine. In colder temps, the formula may harden due to the beeswax – so just warm up in your hands a bit, on your dash, or bring it inside and it should soften up. If you find the stick too hard to apply, let it warm a bit to soften.

Do You Use Nanoparticle Zinc Oxide?

No. There is no use of any nanoparticles, and is within micron range of (0.26 micron = 260nm). There is also no usage of titanium dioxide.

Are Your Screens Reef Safe, Environmental Friendly, and Fish Safe?

Yes. All products are biodegradable and safe for the environment, reefs, and fish. They contain zero petrochemicals known to to increase toxicity or bioaccumulation problems. For packaging, we use paper based tubes that are bio-degradable and recyclable as part of an eco packaging alliance. Mailers from us directly, are recycled and compostable, and we are consistently seeking new technologies to deliver products at scale in environmentally safe containers and low carbon footprints.

Are Your Screens Vegan?

No. We utilize beeswax, and although this is not an animal by-product per se, it is considered so in certain vegan circles. Out of respect to our vegan friends, we say our screens are vegetarian, but not vegan.

Are Your Screens Cruelty Free?

Yes, there is no animal testing ever. Sunscreens are tested on humans using the FDA sunscreen monograph testing protocol to generate the SPF number for labeling purposes. This process is mandated by law in the federal register. To our vegan friends: our screens are vegetarian, but not vegan. We utilize responsibly sourced beeswax which is not an animal by-product per se, but it is considered so in vegan circles. Out of respect for that, we say our products are vegetarian.

Are Your Screens Organic/Natural?

Yes – and there are only 4 total organic main ingredients. Ingredients are petroleum free (many on the market will add petroleum and argue its from the ground), are edible grade, and common ingredients that act as natural super-skin food. Our manufacturers demand standards of natural, meaning directly derived from a living organism via a sustainable process, free of petrochemicals, or is a mineral that has a proven safety record for use on and in the human body. Bio mechanical purpose means Zinc, as occurring and used naturally in the body as opposed to Titanium, which has no natural bio mechanical purpose in humans.

Are your screens USDA Organic Certified?

No – and this incredibly nuanced semantic policy mess is why: Certifying agencies like USDA organic seals, are primarily focused on food products and do not warrant or police cosmetics or cosmetic drugs. Furthermore, they cannot certify zinc oxide which is 25% of our formula. Because of this, mineral sunscreens in general miss the 95% threshold of “all organic ingredients” and also miss the 70% threshold for “made with organic” threshold (even though IT IS). Our sunscreens are indeed made with “certified organic ingredients” and also within certified manufacturing, but unfortunately they do not allow pass-through certifications on these to the actual end-product of becoming a ” mineral sunscreen” due to the reasons above.

Cool, but what about applying it all over my body.

It is best for the face because it is thick to apply/remove, but if you want it on the body – Go for it! If you find that our sticks do not offer enough to coat your entire body, then we recommend you where an SPF shirt.


Important: When applying on the body, they can stain certain fabrics due to the cocoa in the tinted, and white zinc in the non-tinted. So apply carefully, and if you happen to get some on clothing, apply soap and water or stain remover to wash and it should come out.

Who is that person on the tube?

This is Nakoa. He is a take on the legendary Walt Jabsco – icon of Two Tone Records (originally modeled after Peter Tosh). Two Tone is most famously known for bringing Ska & Punk to the world with bands such as The Specials, The Selector, Madness, The Beat, and more within the 1970’s and 1980’s that went on to inspire countless generations of ska and punk rock that we love. We pay tribute here with a fun take on Nakoa, but nothing compares to the legendary original!